Lupine part 3: Netflix announces filming

Assane Diop still has a few tricks up his sleeve and he will come back to bluff us in a third part of the “Lupine” series, still on Netflix. The platform announces the launch of production of new episodes with an image of its star.

Lupin back for part 3

Series Lupin was a huge hit as soon as the first series of episodes went live. The program not only worked in France, it also conquered the world. And even the United States! While we regularly see titles from elsewhere meet success, French creations have a hard time becoming hits. Lupin is the first series from our region that manages to obtain such resonance internationally.

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The script follows Omar Sy in the shoes ofAssane Diop, a little trickster who is inspired by Arsène Lupine to steal valuables or to get out of complex situations. His life takes a turn when he decides to avenge his father, wrongly accused in the past of a crime he did not commit. We can understand the success of Lupin, which relies on the charisma of its main actor and on the pirouettes of its central character.

Assane Diop (Omar Sy) – Lupine © Netflix

The start of the shooting of the new episodes

A second part was born a few months after the first, always using the same ingredients. Unsurprisingly, an extension was quickly formalized. The success being always present, Netflix takes advantage. We do not know where this story will end, but there is no doubt that the world will be there to find out what will happen to Assane Diop. Will he finally succeed in revenge? Is part 4 going to come out next? We will certainly have our answers in 2022. Not before because, as the platform has just announced, the filming of future episodes is currently underway. Netflix keeps us informed of the progress of operations with an image of Omar Sy on a Parisian rooftop.

It seems very likely to us that the next episodes will be released next year, perhaps around the summer, as was the case for Part 2. Netflix having gotten up to speed with the main character, the promotion s will surely have fun with the public to drive up the hype.

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