L’Unità, “the Romeo group ready to save the newspaper”

A little less than four months ago the announcements that the magazine that edited L’Unità had gone bankrupt and the magazine destined for auction, today however the long-awaited turning point could have arrived. According to reports from Adnkronos, the Romeo Group would be ready to save the historic newspaper from bankruptcy. The publisher of Il Riformista would have expressed his willingness to take over the newspaper founded by Antonio Gramsci for a figure, according to unconfirmed rumors, which would be between the 900 thousand euros and the million euros. To the current director of Il Riformista Piero Sansonettiwould be entrusted with the leadership of the Unit. It would be a homecoming for him, having joined the newspaper in 1975 to become first deputy director and then co-director of the same newspaper.

The newspaper, founded in 1924 and for a long time the official organ of the Italian Communist Party, after long vicissitudes – due to debts of over 80 million – with changes of ownership that also involved Renato Soru and the Pessina group has ceased to be on newsstands except occasionally. And in May both the cdr and Fnsi had protested because the publication of the annual issue, necessary to avoid the revocation of the registration, had “occurred without the knowledge of the editorial staff with the use of external resources … a very serious fact for which we reserve the right to evaluate every action to protect journalists”. Always in those hours Stefano Vaccari of the secretariat of Democratic party, head of Organization had issued a note: “We are indignant and concerned about the condition of the workers of L’Unità. The editorial, cultural and political history of the newspaper does not deserve this. The situation has been stalled for too long, as we have verified through specific insights aimed at understanding the spaces to give a new editorial future to the magazine and a professional future to the workers. We are also concerned about the fate of the cultural heritage represented by the immense historical and documentary archive, which fortunately was secured. In addition to expressing the solidarity and closeness of the entire Democratic Party, its members, militants and voters to the workers of l’Unità, we hope that the story will soon find a dignified solution and allow us to give the newspaper an editorial future in the riverbed of the Italian and European centre-left”. L’Unità was last on newsstands in 2017 when the secretary – except for a brief interregnum by Orfini – was Matthew Renzi

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