L’Unità, the letter from the editorial committee: “We are hostages in a circle of hell”. The newspaper has been published once a year for 4 years

“A company that has practically always been silent. That holds in hostage journalists and polygraphersconfining them to a circle of hell, suspended in thin air, from 1 January 2022 without any social protection anymore. A company that shows it exists once a year to publish a sheet that allows her not to make the newspaper invalid. For some time we have lost the words to define, to tell, a hallucinating, humiliating condition, in which male and female workers de l’Unità, journalists and polygraphers, have been living for years. From 1 January we are no longer in layoffs or unemployed. Formally, from January 1st of this year we returned to work with l’Unità srl, the company that publishes a non-newspaper ”. To write it, in a note, is the editorial committee of the historic newspaper, founded in 1924 by Antonio Gramsci and for a long time an official organ of the Italian Communist Party. After long vicissitudes with changes of ownership that also involved Renato Soru and the Pessina group,the newspaper stopped being on newsstands except occasionally to avoid the decadence of the head. One issue was on newsstands in Rome and Milan on 25 May 2018, then another single issue on 25 May 2019 and 23 May 2020. On 12 May 2021 another special issue.

“In the face of the countless requests for meetings, clarifications by the trade union representatives – continues the CDR – the publishing company has raised a impenetrable wall of rubber. A story that has long since gone beyond the red line of shame, has been “enriched” by another farce-page: the publication of a single issue, a four-page sheet, also with external journalistic contributions. And this unbeknownst to the editorial board, despite having unpaid staff, journalists and polygraphers. And all this while endlessly dragging on an arrangement procedure that allows the company to save time on the skin of the workers. They killed the Unit, mortified the workers, dropped expressions of interest in the purchase of the newspaper. An absolute shame. That must end “.

“The story of the Unity, denounced by the editorial committee, deserves immediate and decisive action by the competent authorities. Starting with the bankruptcy judge, who has not yet expressed his opinion on the composition plan presented by the company “. The National Press Federation, unitary union of Italian journalists. “In the competent offices – adds the Fnsi in a note – the obvious ones will also have to be addressed ownership responsibility which continues to act with no respect for the workers and for the history of the newspaper. The publication of the annual issue, necessary to avoid the forfeiture of the registration and which took place without the knowledge of the editorial staff with the use of external resources, represents a very serious fact for which we reserve the right to evaluate any action to protect journalists “.

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