Lunar eclipse of November 19: How and at what time to see it in Mexico

For a few hours the Moon will be painted red, resulting in the longest partial eclipse in recent years, this will be visible in various parts of the world, including Latin America. Find out how to see the phenomenon and the time of your country so you don’t miss any details.

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This 2021 will be historic for several reasons and one of them is the partial lunar eclipse which will begin on during the last hours of the 18th and following the dawn of the November 19th, several countries of the world will be able to witness this beautiful phenomenon.

The specialists explain that the fact that the natural satellite will be at its furthest point from our planet so its travel is slower, the Luna 97% will be covered and that carmine color will be thanks to the shadow of the Earth. :or

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How can I see the partial lunar eclipse this November 19?

The partial lunar eclipse it will be visible for the entire American continent, part of Europe, Australia and Asia, so on this side of the world we can appreciate the natural event throughout 3 hours and 28 minutes.

You can see the lunar eclipse from the patio of your house, the roof or if you have somewhat high balconies to appreciate it better, in this case you will not need any type of professional equipment to observe it, because if the sky remains clear and clear, it can be distinguished naked eye.

If you are the type of person who prefers to stay in a house and not even look out the window, there are also options for you, because in many YouTube channels that are dedicated to the topics of Astronomy and scientific dissemination they will broadcast live the eclipse.

So there is no excuse to be part of the witnesses who will enjoy the natural spectacle Most anticipated of its kind and one that won’t be repeated for a long time.

Lunar Eclipse Memes. | Source Twitter @MemesDeAstro

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What time to see the partial lunar eclipse in Mexico? Check the time of your country

The Partial lunar eclipse of November 19 begins at:

  • 12:02 AM from Mexico
  • 01:02 AM from Colombia and Peru
  • 02:02 AM from Venezuela
  • 03:02 AM from Argentina and Chile
Lunar eclipse. | Source Twitter @CerebrosG

The climax where the Moon will be 97% covered is the best time to watch the event:

November 19th

  • 03:02 AM from Mexico
  • 04:02 AM from Colombia and Peru
  • 05:02 AM from Venezuela
  • 06:02 AM from Argentina and Chile

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