Luna Skye: Luna Skye will have lifelong consequences, her confidences shock

Luna Skye

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Luna Skye is not out of the woods. For several months, the young woman has been the victim of an infection linked to a cosmetic operation. Injections yet widespread in the middle of influencers, but which turned into a nightmare! The beauty confides in the heavy consequences that she will keep.

It’s a fight that will go on for a long time to come for Luna Skye. The end of the tunnel seems to be going away day by day for the young candidate of Objectif Reste du Monde. Between multiple trips to the hospital, different interventions to try to relieve it, the infection keeps hanging on. “It’s supposed to be 6 months to 2 years, and we don’t know what happened.” However, the young star is not the only one in her situation. Like her colleague Émilie Amar, Luna is just one victim among others: these injections are too often taken lightly. However, it is indeed a surgical act. This must be framed by strict hygiene rules, which would not have been the case for Luna.

Blogger Aqababe visits Luna Skye

To overcome this infection that nearly claimed the life of Luna Skye, doctors must install wicks. This situation plunges the young woman into complete anguish. The young influencer explains in detail: “For the first operation, they came with a cannula inside, and they broke all the shells that the product had made. As all the product had diffused in the body, we had to do a big wash. We had to put in wicks. So there, I have wicks: it makes big holes with big wicks, which enter on one side of the buttock and which come out. There are six of them, so twelve holes “.

Luna Skye, sequelae for life

Well aware of having risked her life, the young woman confides. “Twice a day, we pass Betadine with hydrogen peroxide inside the buttock. It goes in through one hole, and it comes out through the other. Morning and evening. I’m going to have sequelae. If I don’t have my surgery again, I will have twelve small scars and lots of irregularities, so lots of little waves. (…) Since I don’t want to go back to the pool table at all, I will do everything so as not to have reconstructive surgery, I will play sports, draining massages … ” Paga’s ex-lover has come a long way. Not only is Luna Skye at risk of amputation, the road to recovery is not yet clear.

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