Lukoil di Priolo, thousands of workers march in Syracuse: “So far many statements and few facts. If the refinery closes, it’s a disaster”

Thousand of workers of the Lukoil refinery in Priolo, in the province of Syracuse, took to the streets to ask the Government for a commitment to save the plant, which operates in one of the largest centers in Europe. The Russian embargo will come into effect on December 5th and will directly affect the Priolo industry which will no longer receive crude oil and which therefore risks being stuck with consequences for employment. The alternatives to Russian oil, the unions explain, must be anticipated by a change in the direction of the banks: “The company will have to look to other nations – he explains Florence Amato, CGIL – but out of an excess of caution the banks have removed the credit line from the company. This is why we are asking for the credit to be reinstated so that we can continue to work”. For this reason, today the top management of the company and of the trade unions were received at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, without however arriving at a solution. The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italya Adolfo Urso he therefore postponed everything to mid-December. The government will aim to make the banks change their decision, through the Sace guarantee system. In the event of repeated denials of new credit by the banks, Urso has not ruled out the hypothesis of the nationalization of Sicilian industry. The President of the Region also intervened on the case, Renato Schifani: “The government – ​​he said – has guaranteed, with a great sense of responsibility, that the matter can only find a solution and this reassures the regional government on maintaining the posts of related industries. The minister’s initiative to speak with ABI, with the entire Italian banking association, is appropriate”.

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