Lukas Dhont empty-handed at the Oscars, but proud: "We did everything we could”

“We are a super proud team,” added Lukas Dhont in a video message, accompanied by producer Michiel Dhont, actress Emilie Dequenne and young actors Eden Dambrine and Gustav Dewaele. “It was a fantastic evening. We are so happy to be there,” added Eden Dambrine. “It was magical,” added French-speaking actress Emilie Dequenne.

“We took full advantage and that gives us one more reason to try again to win this Oscar”, assured the 31-year-old director from Ghent.

In 95 years, it was the eighth time that a Belgian feature film was nominated for the Oscar for best international film. “Close” was also in contention with the Argentinian “Argentina 1985”, Polish “EO” and Irish “The Quiet Girl”.

The feature film “Close” follows two boys, Léo and Rémi, who live a fusional friendship which will be upset by entering secondary school and the looks of their peers.

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