Luiza returns to posting on social media after Maurílio’s death: “Starting over and trying to laugh”

The singer Luiza, which was paired with Maurílio 一 who passed away on December 29, at the age of 28 一 said on his Instagram that he is spending the beginning of the year in Bahia with his family and trying to “start over, resignify and laugh as much as possible”.

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The singer is enjoying Caraíva together with her girlfriend, the ex-BBB Marcela Mc Gowan:

“Slowly getting back to the social thing that I’ve forgotten about! I’m in Bahia with my family, who live here, and I’m starting over, giving new meanings, and trying to laugh as much as possible!”, she began.

Luiza’s last post on the social network was made on January 2nd to honor her partner, the duo’s second voice.

In the post, Luiza takes the opportunity to thank the public for the affection and also asks for “more kindnesses” this year: “Taking the opportunity to thank you for the affection you had with me, and now let’s go up… 2022, be kind my fi, for God’s sake” , continued.

She added: “Here’s pictures of a hottie I found here on the beach, and asked to photograph her. I’m zuaaano… About the hot part, no”, he joked.

One of the first to comment on the post was Marcela Mc Gowan: “For those who ask if my relationship is monogamous, no, he is monotheistic, this is the only goddess in my life”, she declared.

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