Luísa Sonza risks choreography in a bikini and receives compliments: “Gostosa, people!”

Singer Luísa Sonza, 24, rocked Instagram by risking the choreography of the song MAMA.CITA (hasta la vista), her partnership with Xamã, wearing only a tiny black bikini.

On the social network, the artist shared a video of her performance and received many compliments from her anonymous and famous admirers.

The businesswoman and influencer Bianca, Boca Rosa, was one of the first to comment: “Hot, huh, guys!”, she praised. “What a beautiful woman”, praised Belle Kaffer. “The body I wanted to have drinking 2 liters of Coca Cola a day”, joked a fan. “A body is a body, right, Brazil”, commented another.

Target of attacks on social networks, Luísa Sonza recently used Twitter to vent. On the social network, she said that she feels very bad every time she accesses her platforms and finds hateful messages from Internet users.

“How can I go on Twitter, see the comments and immediately want to die? Congratulations on your talent, guys,” she posted.

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