Luísa Sonza posts new spicy photos on her social networks: "intractable"

This Thursday morning (07/21), the singer Luisa Sonza drove his fans and followers crazy by sharing a new photo album on his Instagram. In the images, the singer, who recently turned 24 years old, appears naked, on a bed, showing off her bikini mark.

“Untrainable”, wrote the artist in the caption of the post, where she posed with her pet cat, called Rita Leeand also with one of her dogs, the Gisele Pinscher.

In about 20 minutes, Sonza’s post has already reached about 80,000 likes and countless comments. “Oh!” he exclaimed. Pablo Vittar, close friend of Luísa Sonza. “How perfect”, said a fan of the singer. “Luísa, woman, it’s 10 am, have mercy on my thoughts,” joked another follower.

In the last month, Luísa Sonza took to Twitter to say that she wants to date. On the social network, the singer posted: “Okay, I want to date. I’ve done it, I’ve done everything I wanted. Come on, love of my life,” she wrote.

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