Luis Ventura’s opinion: the coronavirus makes up failures at the box office


Seeking excuses to mask meager collections in theatrical box offices it is not something new, rather an unscrupulous contraption and very common in the artistic field. Entrepreneurs, actors and producers do it so as not to assume beginnings or course of seasons that lead to the word “failure”. Seasons have even ended with serious or very worrying health diagnosis releases that weren’t “so so.”

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When a theatrical proposal is a success, there are no excuses or suspensions, or resignations that stop economic performance in such a competitive field. Hence the impact of the latest statements by the artist and businessman Flavio mendoza who said that many companies communicate with alarm that some of their cast members are infected with Covid-19 to mask that they do not sell tickets at their box office.

And went Fatima Florez, that postponed its premiere until the middle of the past week, which came to the crossroads of the casts that reported infected pandemics, and pointed out that “we must not spit at the sky” trying to assume a success in the collections denying the health reality that lives the entertainment industry and the country in general.

Fátima Florez postponed its premiere and went to the crossing for Flavio.

Nito Artaza suffered a contagion of coronavirus and delayed its start, the same as the cast of “A night in a hotel” that heads Peter Alfonso in Carlos Paz, with 2 positive results.

It also happened with Jose Maria Muscari who assumed contagion and isolation to develop his summer activity on stage and marquee.

The new wave of infected that impose this time force international football superstars like Lionel Messi have been lowered from the beginning of the year by a positive swab, that when their companions Leandro Paredes Y Angel “Fideo” Di Maria They returned to start the season at Paris Saint Germain, the popular “Flea” and his family extended their stay in Argentina.

Excuses in competitive activities with appearances by doctors, ambulances, oxygen tubes and hospitalizations always existed, and in these times of pandemic, the story of the coronavirus comes in handy to prevent the healthy from the infected and also to disguise skinny theater sales . The popular sayings come from the experience of everyday life and for something it is said that “the living lives from the fool and the fool” … I tell you.


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