Luis Ventura’s opinion: Many Maradona and little Peace


Because everyone feels they own their history, their brands, their achievements; Y no one gets off the plate. They fight, fight and demand all the time what “belongs to them”.

Because some say they are legitimate children. Others are “children of justice”, others denounce genetic studies because they were told that he was their father. But there are also the brothers of “Ten“who claim to have their rights and demand that they not be forgotten.

Don’t leave out your ex-partners, ex-wife, ex-girlfriends, fans, nephews, friends, lawyers, ex-representatives and let’s go.

And they went there, in different planes of course, avoiding each other, they stayed in different hotels so as not to see those who could bother them; and each tried to figure after his manner. Always looking to see if there was a peso, dollar or euro to bill and of which they had not been notified in a timely manner.

Francisco received the sisters of Diego Maradona.

The meeting had more of family quarrels than football for peace. The Roman stadium had a 30 percent presence, teams of old glories of that sport worldwide, and what Maradona did not achieve in life although he fervently wanted it: they were his 5 last name heirsor, although there were not very good vibes with five of the 6 living uncles (only Aunt Mary was missing).

The issue is that the Pope Francisco attended two groups of Maradona. First and in a more personalized way to the brothers: Ana, Claudia, Kity, Lilly and Lalo; then to the children whom she treated more quickly but giving them the most sought-after images: chatting with him, who received them in his wheelchair.

“Among the few gestures of peace we only rescue the rapprochement of Claudia Villafañe, estranged from her ex-brothers-in-law a long time ago”

Among the few gestures of “peace” we only rescue the rapprochement of Claudia Villafane, estranged from her ex-brothers-in-law a long time ago, who came over to exchange greetings and some chat, as the least expected event of the day. It was a day with more war than peace, and the Maradonas did not stop remembering the Great Captain who surely would have wanted to be there. I tell you.

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