Luis Ventura, on the warpath against Beto Casella: "I’ll cross him and we’ll talk… or not"


The confrontation between Louis Ventura and Beto Casella It is not current, it dates back eight years. Crossed statements regarding their private lives detonated in a scandal that was resurfaced more strongly days ago and more reproaches. contacted the host of “True Secrets”, who recently spoke, confessed what it was the news for which he paid the most moneyand talked about the conflict with Beto.

“I think it was an act of recklessness on my part to have referred to him. But I was surprised by Florencia Peña’s question when I went to the program. I didn’t say anything different, what I said is the same thing I told eight years ago: the same answer, the same posture, the same look…”indicated about the resurgent conflict.

“Sometimes my temperament overcomes me, it can, and I find myself in the middle of this media embarrassment with returns and things that may not correspond”

And added a mea culpa: “Maybe I wouldn’t have to air it, like I’m doing now, and I have to stick my tongue in my ear, but, well, sometimes my temper gets the better of me, it can, and I find myself in the middle of this media embarrassment with returns and things that may not correspond, but I accept them because I am the generator”.

He also highlighted the reasons why his historical enmity began and before, he foreshadowed a meeting: “I know that life is going to offer me an opportunity to be able to meet that person and we will talk, or not. I don’t know what his position is, but I do know what he provoked at the time. He raised it as a betrayal or a stab for his back to justify a year of shitting me every day on the screen, because his program measured 12 points and positioned him from the rating. It served him well. “

Ventura believes that if Casella had only targeted him, this war would not exist, but “He messed with people who shouldn’t have messed with when the only person responsible for that story was me.”

And complet: “We act distracted as to what the contents of the programs are dealing with extortionists and others… I would like them to get the most out of the reports of their program, which theoretically disguise it as humorous and keep sending everyone to jail. world. Or am I lying? This man doesn’t do a literature program…”.

“If you want to have a coffee, let’s see, let’s see -he repeats-, first we have to meet some day. I’m not going to cause the meeting, but I know that at some point life is going to cross us and there we will talk in the corresponding terms”close, blunt.


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