Luís Nascimento ‘scolds’ Leandro and shoots: “I would go sailing after this attitude…”

On the night of this Thursday, January 13, the atmosphere warmed up in the house of “Big Brother Famous”.

At the nominees dinner, competitor Leandro “lost his patience” with Bruno de Carvalho and abandoned the meal, leaving some warnings to the former president of Sporting.

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Remember here: It warmed up! Leandro leaves dinner and attacks Bruno de Carvalho: “You are a mouse. Don’t stretch the rope too much…”

Who watched the moment was Luís Nascimento who, on his Instagram account, decided to comment on the episode, leaving criticism of the singer:

“This Leandro doesn’t know how to be, he doesn’t know how to talk and exudes anger. You just don’t understand why. If you want to discuss it, do it politely and with class.”, started by writing in the Story he left.

In the opinion of Luís Nascimento, this attitude deserved an expulsion: “For me, I went sailing, after this attitude”.

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