“Luis Miguel dead and replaced by a double”: the mysterious hypotheses about the Mexican singer

Theories about him have been circulating for years. There are those who believe him dead and replaced d’emblée with a perfectly identical substitute, or who, more simply, think that on some occasions, mostly in concerts, he used a double, despite being still alive. We are talking about Luis Miguel. The theories about his alleged death, in these days, have returned to fill the pages of some online newspapers, such as The morning And I read. Perhaps thanks to his birthday: the Mexican singer has just turned 52.

There are therefore several hypotheses circulating on the Internet that cast an aura of mystery on “the Mexican sun”. Already in 2019 the Colombian seer Deseret Tavares had talked about the singer’s death and his subsequent replacement. Invited to the “Secretos verdaderos” program, the visionary said that Luis was “long dead” since as early as the year 2000 “the papers indicated him as dead”. “And the papers also indicate that he has been replaced many times”, he underlined in the broadcast, speaking of a murder by three men, in the 1980s, “especially by a politician or a man of power who ordered the ‘violent killing ”. Always “reading” the papers, Tavares had also exposed the reason for the alleged murder: a secret love affair not shared by the man of power. A man who, according to many, could be Carlos Salinas de Gortari, president of Mexico from 1988 to 1994, who would have opposed the singer’s relationship with his daughter, Cecilia.

Other hypotheses then, such as the one feared in the program “Asi somos” by La Red, Luis Miguel would have been replaced in some concerts, perhaps by an Argentine double whom he himself “recognized as his clone”. “One day the double himself declared that in 2010 he has had to replace the singer in a concert because the famous one was gone ”, revealed TV host Juan Andrés Salfate. Even the singer’s “changing” behaviors have led some fans to think that the current Luis Miguel is not “the original”

All hypotheses which, however, have never been denied or followed by official statements.

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