Ludmilla and his wife, Brunna Gonçalves, renew their tan with a thong on Rio beach

Before leaving for Qatar, where he will perform as one of the main attractions of an event during the 2022 World Cup, Ludmilla renewed her tan next to her wife, Brunna Gonçalves, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, this Sunday (20).

In the sand and in the sea, singer and dancer stole the show by showing off their bodies in great shape, aboard thong bikinis. While Brunna emphasized her breasts in a half cup bra, Ludmilla bet on the traditional curtain model.

Accompanied by friends, the artists tanned themselves in the sand and also refreshed themselves together in a sea bath. See the photos in the gallery above!

Ludmilla wins Latin Grammy and emotional speech

Ludmilla displaced big names in samba and pagode like Martinho da Vila and Péricles and took home the Latin Grammy statuette for her project “Numanice 2”. Thrilled, the artist drove the web crazy with her speech.

“I’m very happy, I never imagined winning a Grammy, one of the biggest music awards in the world, and receiving this Grammy for a dream that came from my head. That many people didn’t believe in the beginning. I want to dedicate this award to God, my family and all my fans. It’s ours, Brazil!”

On social networks, the singer published some moments of the award and wrote: “NUMANICE #2 TOOK THE LATIN GRAMMY FOR BEST PAGODE ALBUM! That’s the sentence. Another one in the series of places that Numanice took me, people. who believed, to everyone who loves Numanice as much as I do – this one’s for you”.

Ludmilla’s name is involved in controversy and outburst

Despite her excellent professional phase, Ludmilla, who will be Beija-Flor’s performer at Carnival 2023, is not free from controversy. One of them made the artist suffer attacks on the web after giving her opinion on the support of country singers for the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro, which ended up not happening.

“I think that the question of the sertanejos supporting the other candidate has to do with their reality. They live a completely different reality. We in funk and artists who come from the periphery are close to the people, the common people, who were very affected by this government. It’s L for Lula”, he declared, supporting the candidate who won the 2022 elections.

In another delicate moment, the artist vented after losing a lawsuit against Val Marchiori. “Another normal day in Brazil, guys! Do you remember that racism lawsuit that has been running in court since 2016 because a white lady said that my hair looked like Bombril? me. No news!”, he lamented.

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