Ludivine Retory: The columnist of "TPMP People" reveals his salary… and he’s very comfortable!

Ludivine Retory is one of the recent guests of Jordan De Luxe, in At Jordan’s. Facing the journalist, the columnist of TPMP People talked about several topics including his romantic relationship, his presence in TPMP and unsurprisingly, his salary.

Unlike some of her colleagues who are paid according to their presence, she is on fixed-term contract like Danielle Moreau. “We have seasonal contracts,” she explained. “We have a number of shows per week that we define together when we re-sign. Whether we are present on screen or not, we still have a guaranteed salary at the end of the month. is classy”, said the guest happy with her situation. How much is this amount? “It’s not crazy, honestly. Last year, when I was on a show a week, I was maybe around 1600 or 1800 euros a month”. But this amount is no longer the same because of his presence alongside Benjamin Castaldi, every week in the 6 to 7 and Matthieu Delormeau, on Saturdays. “There, it’s much more comfortable because I have more shows. Even if I only have one signed, I do more”she continued. “This year, we are around 3,500 euros per month, it’s a very good salary”.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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