Lucky man is saved from death when the floor he walked on collapses

Life has many moments in which chance and luck are decisive in key moments of our existence; as it happened with a man of the India who was saved from certain death when, after passing a floor, it collapsed instantly and the video did not take long to become trend of social networks What Reddit.

saved by luck

Initially, the tape was shared by the chain CCTVbut landed on Reddit last Wednesday, August 3, whose description uses satire to describe the moment: “Just another normal day”.

What the images show us are a man walking towards a store, he leaves the track to go up to the sidewalk that gives access to his destination, he crosses it calmly, but immediately, the surface, made of concrete, sinks into the drainto the point that we see water jumping out.

The subject turns his eyes and his face is the perfect graphic display of his astonishment. Seconds later, the store’s camera shows a shopkeeper coming out to see what had just happened.

Users take it as a joke

After accumulating thousands of reactions, users of the aforementioned social network They did not hesitate to leave their opinions: “Lucky man”, “You broke it, you pay for it”, “I feel quite traumatized right after seeing that, like a new level of fear unlocked”, “the strongest man in India”, “when Yamraj is at lunch time”.

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