Lucie fires sharp! Primitives, they defend themselves and Matuš

Lucinka went through her own. When she got together with the musical singer Bohuš Matuš (48) at the age of fifteen, her life changed from day to day. At first, she made a head out of the ugly comments, and it bothered her. But now she’s obviously armored.

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Bohuš Matuš: Lucinka revealed when the second child will be born!

“I come across stupid comments all the time, but for me they are primitive people who are bored at home.” Lucinka began. “It bothered me a lot at the beginning, I didn’t understand what was in it. I couldn’t bite mainly false articles, now I’m used to the fact that it won’t be different and I don’t deal with it unless it’s across the line, “ a young mother confided in ŽivotvČ The 30-year-old age gap between her and her husband is obviously still a thorn in the side of many people.

Matuše employs Phantom, Lucince was forbidden to sing!

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