Luciano Szafir returns to the catwalks after Covid and reports the emotion of walking with an ostomy bag

Luciano Szafir surprised by opening the fashion show by stylist Walério Araújo at the 52nd edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), showing the ostomy bag, an item he started using four months ago, after complications from Covid-19.

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Luciano paraded with the purpose of drawing attention to the cause of those who have the same condition. For this, Szafir asked the stylist for a personalized outfit to make the medical device visible, as a way to combat prejudice against those who have a stoma and show that this is not a reason for aversion, sadness, shame or reclusion.

Luciano Szafir breaks taboo by walking with an ostomy bag

Luciano corrected a problem in the intestine resulting from a sequel to Covid-19, a disease that hit him for the second time in the middle of this year. At the time, the businessman started using the bag and, since then, he has been daily grateful for the chance he had to stay alive.

“I want people to be able to see that this can happen to anyone. This surgery saved my life and I have no reason to be ashamed of using an ostomy bag,” he said.

“After so many years, this parade had everything to be very special for me. In addition to my return to the catwalks, I saw that it was the perfect opportunity to defend a noble and very important cause for our society,” he said.

“I want to break prejudice, normalize and make people understand that a stoma patient does not need to suffer deprivation. Normal life. And, hopefully, that this action changes the view that many still have about who uses an ostomy bag,” added Szafir.

Actor shows that it is possible to have a free life

Luciano reported that, until undergoing the surgery, he had no idea of ​​the universe of those who use an ostomy bag. Therefore, he feels responsible for breaking any taboo related to the topic.

“Those who don’t know, judge and, even unintentionally, have prejudiced attitudes. Whether it’s time to hire an employee, relate affectionately, among other things,” he commented. Szafir also warned that respect is a permanent action in society:

“Public restrooms for those who wear purses are urgent. They have to be designed so that emptying is done in a hygienic and comfortable way. Why is this so difficult to become law throughout Brazil?”

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