Luciano Estevan’s girlfriend, from BBB 22, on the sale of adult content: “I have a shameless soul”

Fabiola Hillesheimwho is dating the ex-BBB Luciano Estevanopened space for followers to send questions, and revealed, among other things, that he has a page on Privacy 一 Brazilian adult content platform where fans pay to have access to photos and videos.

On her Instagram, she invited everyone to send in questions, and she answered all of them, including one regarding her sexuality: “Are you also bisexual?”, asked a follower. And she replied, “Yes!”, completing with an emoji.

When talking about adult content, Fabíola explained that she is not inspired by anyone but herself: “Does anyone inspire you in creating content for OnlyFans?”, asked the follower. “I don’t have OnlyFans, I have Privacy. [Ninguém inspira] Myself and my shameless soul [cria o conteúdo]”, revealed.

In the question and answer session, she even did a survey to find out if followers would like her to create a “couple OnlyFans” to show her intimacy with former BBB Luciano.

In addition, Fabíola said that she would not participate in Big Brother Brazil: “Would you like to participate in the BBB?”, asked another follower. “No, I don’t have the psyche for that,” he replied.

“I love showing off”

In a recent interview with Quem, Luciano said that Fabíola encouraged and supported him to create a profile on OnlyFans and also on Privacy to sell adult content.

According to the former BBB, the financial return “is being great” and the fact of “earning money to show off” is something that makes him very happy: “I love showing off; winning so makes me even happier. And the public reaction has been sensational. The financial return is also great”, he explained.

First eliminated from reality, he explained that he has the support of his girlfriend, Fabiola Hillesheimwho also joined the platform to sell adult content: “She was the first to support me, by the way, she recently joined the platform too,” he revealed.

Good-natured on Instagram and TikTok, Luciano said that he always seeks to “explore his sensuality” a little more: “I have a deconstructed mind since I know myself, and I always try to explore my sensuality a little more”, he said.

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