Luciana Salazar would have an agreement with Martín Redrado that limits her sentimental life

Yes ok Luciana Salazar and Martin Redrado they ended their love relationship a few years ago, what keeps them together media scandals about personal conflicts between the two. In recent times, the model began legal action against the economist for not comply with the signed agreements that bind him to his daughter, Matilda.

This Monday, details of another secret arrangement that Salazar and Redrado would have established, which would restrict the sentimental life of the actress, came to light. In principle, Luli denied being in a relationship with someone new in a way that raised suspicions:I’m fine. I try to maintain my life… I have an ex that complicates the situation a bit. But I am very well, very happy. I did not say that I was dating or that I am alone, I prefer that nobody knows anything about my life“.

Luciana Salazar avoided answering if she is dating.

In this sense, Pampitp shared in “Morning”more details about the question that Matilda’s mother avoided answering.

“Did you see what Luli says? They ask her if she’s dating, clearly she’s dating, and she says she doesn’t tell because she has a complicated ex. She is delusional. If the other is about to get married,” said the panelist, about Redrado’s imminent marriage to Lulu Sanguinetti in Italy.

For her part, Estefi Berardi consulted him: The agreement that Pía Shaw showed, that she could not whitewash a couple, does it exist? to which his partner assured: Yes, there is such an agreement. It is signed. and it exists because Ana Rosenfeld confirmed it for me... The agreement that Pia spoke about is a delusion, He said that if she had a partner, she could not show herself in public. She had a lot of clauses.”

See what they said about the alleged agreement between Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado

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