Luciana Salazar broke out of the fight against Martín Redrado and Lulú Sanguinetti: they reveal the reasons

The relationship between Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado, the former head of the Central Bank, is incomprehensible to those who are not themselves. After several years of twists and turns, scandalous fights and lawsuits between them, now a new controversy is added that would have aroused Luli’s fury.

The new chapter in this war, started because The economist shared among his contacts the invitation, as host, of the birthday party of his recovered -and patient, it must be said- girlfriend Lulú Sanguinetti. On the event poster, you can read “Hosted by Martín Redrado“, stating that he will organize the celebration.

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As reported “La Pavada” of the Chronicle Newspaper, this act prompted the anger of the blonde who is already evaluating a new criminal lawsuit against her daughter’s benefector, Matilda. Is that a few months ago, the document that stipulates the economic arrangement between the two was leaked, which includes the education of the little girl, the payment of Luciana’s house and a monthly fee until the age of 18 for the model’s daughter.

The link between Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado was characterized by media conflicts.

The reason for this next confrontation that the actress is going to initiate would be that at the beginning of the year he accused her of harassment – for which there was already a legal case between them – and now would be the perfect time for revenge.

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