Lucerne accepts a limitation of Airbnb rentals

As in Geneva, the city of Lucerne will restrict the rental of private apartments to vacationers. Its citizens approved a limitation of 90 days of Airbnb-style rentals per year. They preferred this route to quotas proposed by the authorities.

Lucerne residents voted 64.3% on Sunday to adopt a socialist initiative aimed at curbing the expansion of Airbnb and limiting its impact on the housing market. Voter turnout reached 34.6%.

From now on, individuals who sell their accommodation for short-term rental to vacationers will no longer be able to do so for more than 90 days a year. Such a regulation has already been in force in the canton of Geneva since 2018.

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From preferred day limitations to quotas

The authorities had warned that such a limitation would constitute an indirect ban in effect, harmful to tourism. They proposed a counter-project imposing quotas of accommodation whose Airbnb-type rental would be authorized.

This text limited their rate to 1% or even 1.5%, depending on the neighborhood, except for tourist areas. Voters rejected it with 48.9% of the vote (9007 votes against 8529).

Currently, the city of Lucerne has 390 private apartments available to holidaymakers. With the counter-project, their number could have increased to around 520.

Other restrictions for Vaudois

In addition to the city of Lucerne and the canton of Geneva, the canton of Vaud has also imposed restrictions in this area: since last July, individuals who rent their apartment there to tourists for more than 90 days must announce a change of use. of their accommodation, on pain of penalties.

In Bern’s Old Town, Airbnb-style rentals have been restricted to upper-floor apartments. In addition, several cantons impose a tourist tax on Airbnb customers.

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