Lucas Guimarães exposes intimate details of his marriage to Carlinhos Maia: ‘We allow sex to be experienced’

Lucas Guimarães made revelations about fetishes during a chat on the PocCast podcast. Married to Carlinhos Maia, the influencer detailed the couple’s sex life. The two made the union official 3 years ago, but have been together for more than 10 years. Recently, they ended the rumors of crisis in the relationship.

Lucas admitted to liking the call “golden shower” (or golden rain, in Portuguese), which refers to the practice of feeling pleasure when urinating on the partner or receiving jets of urine from him during the sexual act or in a sexual context.

“I love it. For me, it’s one of the things that turns me on the most. Can I be honest? I speak because I’m unfiltered. But it’s one of the things that turned me on the most in my entire life. face, in the mouth, it’s in the body. It’s happened in the bath, in bed. At the time of ‘let’s see’, we do it, and then wash the sheet, mattress, everything”, he said.

According to Lucas, he is adept at everything to keep their intimate lives active. “We are only together because we allow sex to be experienced as it should be lived between two. He tells me ‘Mor, I want this’, and I say ‘Let’s go'”, he said.

Lucas Guimarães talks about using panties during sex

Lucas Guimarães also commented on wearing panties. “I’ve used it three times. I was even curious to see myself after that! (…) I do it because it’s important that the other partner fulfills his wishes”, he highlighted. The influencer also recalled the first time he wore the piece.

“When he started doing these things about putting on panties, I was ashamed, I was afraid he would screw up”, confessed the husband of Carlinhos Maia, victim of a millionaire theft in his apartment in May, when he made an appeal to the robbers (recall the case).

Lucas Guimarães likes to have sex in unusual places

Lucas Guimarães revealed that he doesn’t like motels because of the “conflicting energy” of these places. The influencer, however, turned out to be a fan of “cruising” – the desire for sex in public spaces.

“I like the pool. I like the bush too, but one day an ant got in my c*ck… I love the pool! I’m a sex fish, I like anything with water, pool, under the shower”, he shared.

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