Luc Trullemans announces it: summer is here, the 30 degree mark will be reached next week!

The masses of fresh air circulating in our regions will be favorably influenced from this Saturday by an anticyclone which will settle in the North Sea.

This will first give us some low stratus at sea and in the west of the country, which will be gradually replaced by sunny spells in these regions, while in the rest of the country it will already be very bright since sunrise.

There will be very little wind but at sea, the offshore breeze will be felt maintaining a certain freshness around 17º, More inland the softness will settle with maximums between 21 and 24º in the shade .

The following night will be starry and still very cool in the Ardennes with minimums between 1 and 6º in the valleys, elsewhere we will note 7 to 12º

Sunday :

The east to south-east wind will bring us warm continental air from Germany with some cloudy veils at medium and high altitude which will not alter the summer atmosphere with higher temperatures rising between 25 and 28º in plain and between 22 and 25º in the Ardennes.

Thunderstorms will develop in France and evolve at night towards the north to give showers or even thunderstorms at the end of the night in the regions neighboring the French border.

Monday :

The disturbance accompanied by sometimes strong and abundant stormy precipitation will cross the whole country and will be found at the end of the afternoon in the east of the country, followed by long sunny periods in the other regions.

It will be less hot with temperatures generally returning between 18 and 24º or even locally a little more in plain regions, all with a westerly wind which will blow with peaks of 30 to 50 km / h.

Tuesday and Wednesday :

The anticyclonic zone which will have recovered from the Norwegian Sea to the south of the Baltic Sea, will bring us back to a dry and very hot continental current with lots of sunshine and above all daytime temperatures which will generally show 22 to 25º in the coastal region and 26 at 29º or even locally 30º inland.

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, we should see a stormy evolution over northern France with overflows in the morning over the west and south-west of the country.

Thusday :

it will be heavy with a tendency to thunderstorms which will appear especially in the afternoon in an atmosphere that is still very hot with temperatures varying between 23 and 28º depending on the location.

Evolution for the period between Friday May 20 and Monday May 23:

The current will settle more and more between the northwest and the west bringing us an oceanic air less and less hot or even cooler at the end of the period.

The weather will be disturbed or unstable with occasional rainy episodes with temperatures initially between 20 and 25º decreasing between 14 and 20º after the weekend.

Probable trend for the period from May 24 to 27:

The cool weather should initially persist with a chance of rain or showers but should recover after May 25-26 with more sunshine and drier conditions,

Highs, first between 13 and 20º slowly rising between 17 and 24º at the end of the period.

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