Luc Trullemans announces it: it’s going to be suffocating, “perhaps even 38 degrees” in places… and the rest is not encouraging, here are his forecasts!

This Thursday we will find an anticyclone which extends from the North Sea to the English Channel and which will maintain a dry and warm continental current via its southern slope on our regions. The weather will therefore remain summery with temperatures between 23 and 28º.

These values ​​will be a little lower thanks to the northeast sea breeze in the coastal region with 19 to 23º on the coast and between 20 and 23º on the Ardennes high relief.

The following night will be mild with 12 to 17º but cooler in the Ardennes valleys where the mercury will show 5 to 12º.

Friday :

As the anticyclonic system will migrate towards central Europe, the current will veer towards the south bringing us all the very hot air that has been present in recent days over France under a still very generous sun sometimes slightly veiled by banks of cirrus clouds at altitude .

We will note noticeably rising temperatures with maximum values ​​reaching 30 to 33º in the plain, 23 to 26º on the coastal strip and 26 to 30º in the Ardennes, Gaume and Condroz.

The night will be suffocating with minimums of 20 to 22º in the big cities, between 16 and 20º on the coast and in the countryside and between 11 and 16º in the valleys of the Ardennes.

Saturday :

The anticyclone will withdraw towards the northwest of the Balkans under the influence of a stormy depression which will develop over the southwest of France.

This will be preceded by exceptionally warm subtropical air where daytime temperatures will reach 30 to 36º (perhaps even 36 to 38º in Gaume) but still much less on the coast where the northeast sea breeze will maintain the temperature. between 21 and 25º.

For information, the national record for maximum temperature for the month of June is held by the climatological station located in Haacht (Flemish Brabant) with 38.7º on June 27, 1947. For the reference station located in Uccle (IRM) the record is of 36.8º and was observed the same day. Another exceptional temperature was observed that same June 27, 1947 in Kalmthout and Gerdingen (Kempen) with a maximum of 38.0º.

Sunday :

The center of the main depression will have crossed our regions during the night with locally a few thunderstorms and will be found in the afternoon over northeastern Germany. It will leave us in much less hot but unstable air with still some rain or local thunderstorms alternating with sunny periods.

The maximums will then have dipped with values ​​between 19º at sea and another 26º in the interior of the country or even even more (26 to 30º) in the south of the Ardennes and in Gaume.

Monday :

The north to northeast wind will push cooler air from the North Sea to our regions under variable skies and still temporarily rain or showers which should occur mainly in the south and east of the country. .

Maximums returning between 17º at the sea and 23º in the plain.

Tuesday :

It is expected that another depression will arrive in the north of France and that the areas of bad weather associated with it will affect us with stormy rains at the end of the day and the following night.

Evolution for the period for Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June:

The weather would initially still be very humid with rains which will then gradually recede. Temperatures would be seasonal with maximums between 16 and 22º depending on the region.

Probable trend for the period from June 24 to June 29:

Persistence of the risk of precipitation but with an expected improvement (and to be confirmed) from June 24-28. Maxima first still between 16 and 22º then rising again between 22 and 28º.

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