Luc Trullemans’ alert: hailstorms, heavy rains… “very strong” thunderstorms over Belgium this Thursday!

This Thursday evening and during the night, an active rainy-stormy wave will affect the east of the country. It will be the source of sometimes intense precipitation with significant accumulations. Tomorrow, the atmosphere will become very unstable over the entire territory, with widespread showers or thunderstorms that may locally be accompanied by hail and/or gusts of wind.

Luc Trullemans’ alert

Warning of possibly very strong thunderstorms over the east of the country: a line of thunderstorms will develop this evening and tonight over northeastern France and eastern Benelux.

Locally strong phenomena accompanied by heavy rains in a short time (up to 40 L/M² or mm in less than 3 hours), hailstorms and violent gusts of wind are to be feared in the provinces of Luxembourg, Namur, Liège and Limburg.

They will be able to extend after midnight towards the east of Brabants and the province of Antwerp.

The 1722 activated

The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (IRM) has issued a bad weather warning. The FPS Interior therefore temporarily activates the number 1722. In the event of damage caused by a storm and water damage for which you need the assistance of the fire brigade, you can submit a request via the e-desk www.1722. be or call 1722.

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