Luana Piovani’s ex-husband enters Big Brother Brazil and the actress reacts: “Is he going with the kids?”

This Friday, January 14th, the contestants of the next edition of Big Brother Brasil were announced, which will premiere on Monday, the 17th.

Among the names to enter the reality show arises from Pedro Scooby, who was married to actress Luana Piovani between 2013 and 2019 and whose end of the marriage was involved in controversy especially over the exchange of barbs related to the education of the couple’s three children: Dom, 9, and the twins Bem and Liz, with 6 years old.

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The knowledge of the surfer’s entry immediately started to be talked about on social networks, especially since the actress reacted in a video (however deleted) that has gone viral on Twitter.

Now Leo Dias called me saying what I think about Pedro being in Big Brother. Hi? I didn’t get this news! I confess that I prefer to believe in Pedro than in Leo. he had said no It’s?“, began by saying Luana Piovani.

Surprised, the actress and presenter added: “Will he go with the kids to Big Brother? They have classes, they can’t go. Finally, a vote of confidence in the father of my children! It’s not possible!“.

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