Luana Piovani comments again on her relationship with Pedro Scooby: "getting better"

This morning, the actress Luana Piovani returned to using her Instagram Stories to tell her followers that she made the decision to spend the last days of her vacation in Israel.

Luana detailed that she intends to have the moment to renew her energies to thank the good times she is experiencing, such as the health of her children and the good relationship with Pedro Scoobyher ex-husband.

“I kept thinking and immediately that feeling came inside me… I miss Jesus. That more physical thing, you know? I’m going to Jerusalem to thank so many blessings, so many good things happening”, began the artist in her report.

“My children growing up healthy, my relationship with Pedro getting better and better. My parents here… jobs, opportunities, friends. Such a gift. I said: I have to thank you for everything before starting to work”, he continued.

The actress had already commented on the proximity to her ex-husband, mainly because of Pedro’s participation in the BBB 22. She also doesn’t hide that she likes the surfer’s current wife, the model. Cintia Dicker.

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