Luan Tiófilo ‘rocks’ Cinha Jardim and shoots: “This is discrimination and you are passing cloth”

Last Saturday, May 7th, on the TVI program “Em Família”, the presenters Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Rúben Rua received, among other guests, some commentators from the “Big Brother- Final Challenge”.

Cinha Jardim was one of the presences in the studio and ended up making a comment that ‘gave talk’ on social networks, when giving her opinion on who should win this edition of TVI’s reality show: “Bruna? Not. There are so many Portuguese here to play…”he said, as you can read here.

Confronted with the words, Luan Tiófilo, a former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos 7”, decided to speak out. On the afternoon of this Friday, May 13, the Brazilian businessman did not spare his criticism of the socialite.

“How can a person talk so much nonsense on Portuguese television, and still have space to be there?”began by questioning.

“It is unacceptable that a person cannot win a television program because of their “nationality”. Do you have any idea how serious this is? Besides being Brazilian, Bru is a human being like all the others who are there. It’s one thing for her to want to talk about Bru’s game and how she plays inside the house, now saying that she can’t win because there are so many Portuguese people there, this is DISCRIMINATION. And you are passing cloth”he added.

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