Luan Santana opens romantic photo album with his new girlfriend, Izabela Cunha

Luan Santana stirred up the social media in photos with the new girlfriend, Isabela Cunha. On Instagram, the singer published several records with the student and still wrote a motivational message to the followers. The publication, of course, melted the couple’s fans.

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“Let’s be happy, let’s be unique, let’s smile, let’s see ourselves and see each other! See yourself in the other, be real, in real moments with real people, let’s make smiles, let’s play, let’s toast, let’s laugh at our faults , let’s never want to be perfect, don’t overcharge yourself and don’t give up so easily either… let’s enjoy, let’s dream, share, let’s seek, let’s conquer, cry, value, let’s think, let’s live, live for real, maximum, in peace! Let’s love! Let’s go?”, he wrote.

The followers, of course, they praised the two a lot: “What a couple show”, one surrendered. “So nice to know this passionate side of you, boy, what a happiness I feel for you,” declared another. “I always want to see you like this: happy!”, commented a third.

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