Luan Santana declares himself to be his girlfriend on a romantic trip

Luan Santana no longer hides that he is in love. On social networks, the singer melted for his beloved in new photos posted by Izabela Cunha not Instagram.

“One more day to count”, posted Izabela in images in which appears on a boat, getting ready to dive. “My diving mermaid,” Luan melted.

On Tuesday (16), Luan made the temperature rise on social networks by sharing travel records. In Stories, from Instagram, the couple appeared in a video giving a kiss during a boat trip.

“We are cat divers, huh. If there was a name for our team it would be: cat divers”, joked the singer, giving several kisses to his beloved.

According to Luan Santana, he and Izabela met through social media. After some time exchanging messages, the first meeting came. Since then, they haven’t come apart anymore. The singer, who assumed the relationship first to fans and then on TV, did not intend to engage in a relationship anytime soon, after the end of his 12-year relationship with Jade Magalhães.

“I didn’t expect to find love. I thought of enjoying my single life. It arrived and changed everything. We understand each other in the eyes. We have the same tastes, values ​​and ideals”, the singer told “Caras”.

On social networks, some followers pointed out the similarity between Izabela and Jade.

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