Lower rebates on fuel: the map of service stations totally or partially out of business this Tuesday

Many motorists wanted to fill up at cost this weekend and Monday, and are still on Tuesday, November 15, with the lowering of the rebate scheduled in two days. As a result, some service stations are completely or partially out of fuel.

The queues are getting longer this Tuesday at gas stations. And for good reason, this Wednesday November 16th rings the bell. decrease in discount. Of the supply problems related to the delay in unblocking the shortage also persist. In one click, find out which stations are affected by difficulties at the start of the week.

971 stations out of service

According to the website Shortage-monessence.fr971 stations are currently completely out of fuel, and 2,374 are partially out.

Several service stations are out of stock this Tuesday, November 15.

This Thursday, November 16, the government will lower its rebate by 30 cents on the price of fuel at the pump. If the executive explains that he will not end it before December 31, aid will drop from 30 cents to 10 cents on November 16.

The government spokesman, Olivier Véran, spoke on BFM this Sunday, November 13, the aid which will come into force on January 1, 2023. He announced that the next device “should concern between 11 and 12 million people approximately”.

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