LOVE WITHOUT EQUAL | Donatella leaves her grandfather’s house

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After José Antonio confronted Donatella and revealed in front of her family that she works as a sex worker, she spoke to her grandfather and packed up her things to leave.

In addition, he told her shamelessly and she also judged him for having contracted HIV from the women he had in his day.

Donatella made it clear to him that she does not regret everything she did, she told him that she will continue to help him but he did not accept it.

Antonio Junior takes Sindy

Antonio Junior took Sindy from the clinic and arrived at Miguel’s house, he told him that it was necessary for her to be treated in a hospital but he refused for fear that she would be arrested by the police.

Poderosa called the ambulance and told Antonio Junior to leave, that she would take care of it.

Powerful tells the truth to Miguel

Poderosa was telling Miguel that it is necessary to denounce Ramiro, for having shot Sindy and at that moment he told her that he did not know him; but she revealed the truth to him and said that he is her father.

Oxente gives a check to Antonio Junior

Oxente gave Antonio Junior a check with part of his inheritance, after his son revealed that he wanted to participate in a robbery to leave his home.

He assured his father that they would soon be very proud of him and Oxente began to cry and was very sad.

José Antonio goes to the club where Donatella works

Very affected, José Antonio began to speak outside the club where Donatella works; When several people saw him, he yelled about what was happening to him and stayed on the floor crying.

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