love trip? Pietro Lombardi and Laura in the same vacation spot!

Is that coincidence or did they find each other again? Pietro Lombardi (30) and Laura Maria Rypa (26) were a couple for almost two years before they drew a line under their relationship. However, this was obviously not final. In the past few weeks there have been some indications that the former DSDS winner and the influencer have approached each other again. Now the evidence is accumulating that the two are currently vacationing together!

The singer is currently taking a relaxing break abroad, as he tells his followers Instagram showed. However, attentive fans have now discovered that Laura could also be exactly where Pietro is currently sunbathing. The 30-year-old showed the fantastic view from his hotel – and only a few hours later the blogger lolled in front of exactly the same backdrop for a snapshot.

In the past few weeks, the two are also said to have spent a lot of time together. Pietro celebrated his 30th birthday – and Laura is said to have been part of the party. In the InstagramThe musician’s story could be seen from how the 26-year-old was sitting at the party table alongside some other guests.

Pietro Lombardi's holiday location

Instagram / pietrolombardi

Pietro Lombardi’s holiday location
Laura Maria Rypa in June 2022

Instagram / lauramaria.rpa

Laura Maria Rypa in June 2022
Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa in Cologne

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