Love is in the pre 2021: Sébastien and Karine still a couple in the balance sheet of the show? She gives the answer

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Charley not ready to fully engage with Valentin? She ranted against the editing of L’Amour est in the pre 2021. The end of the adventure is approaching and viewers will be able to know if the love stories that began are still relevant. Regarding Sébastien, the latter fell under the spell of Karine, his Parisian contender. After his quad bike accident, the lavender was able to count on the support of his sweetheart, who came to visit him several times off camera. But did it last afterwards? Will they be together in the balance sheet of the show? She gave the answer …

While in a teaser, we had already seen the lovebirds joking in the balance sheet with Karine Le Marchand, on her Instagram account, Karine posted a photo of her exchanging a kiss with her favorite farmer. Their couple therefore held on, which delighted Internet users, who wrote in the comments of his post: “You are beautiful the most matched couple of this season long life to you”, “You are a super beautiful couple! You have really been my favorite for several years of broadcasting! Stay as you are simple, discreet and classy at the same time! Can’t wait to see the results! Be happy with your children”, “You two are so cute. I wish you all the happiness in the world”.

Compliments that must have touched the pretty 47-year-old brunette, who did not wait for the end of the program to share her happiness with those who are interested in her romance with Sébastien … Otherwise, always concerning Love is in the pre 2021, Would Cécile have been oriented by production? Franck’s contender swung on social networks.

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