Love is in the pre-2021: Charley not ready to fully engage with Valentin? She pushes a rant against the assembly

Cécile oriented by the production of L’Amour is in the pre 2021? Franck’s contender swung. Charley meanwhile, ranted against the editing of the show.. In the episode broadcast on November 15, 2021 on M6, Valentin’s contender was happy to welcome her darling to her home, in Touraine. But for his part, the horticulturalist seemed less comfortable than usual and made it clear that he did not want to settle in his region in the future. The problem is that the young woman does not really want to move to Brittany, where her farmer lives. As a result, Internet users attacked her on social networks, reproaching her in particular for not wanting to fully engage with Valentin …

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Charley’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @charleymogwai

In his Instagram story, Charley therefore took the floor to set the record straight and wrote: “To all those who say: ‘I knew it, it was fishy’ (well done, you have to think about a career as a mentalist), ‘she is not ready to commit, it is to appear on TV ‘,’ she’s not sincere ‘. It’s editing, you always need a background of buzz “.

Charley ranted at the show's edit
Charley lashed out at the show’s edit – Credit (s): Instagram @charleymogwai
Charley has an end to this story
Charley has an end to this story – Credit (s): Instagram @charleymogwai

She continued by sending a spade to the production: “All the judgments that you make, somewhere, they made you think so. So peace, have a good meal tonight and never forget that you cannot judge a person by having seen them twenty minutes away. TV”. Finally, she concluded more lightly: “No hate, no meanness for someone you will surely never meet in your life, what a waste of time and energy. Here is Good Vibes Only”… And if you missed it, know that Vincent de L’Amour is in the pre 2021 explained the real reasons for his separation with Natacha.

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