Love is in the meadow: this terrible reason why Mathieu is looking for a replacement for Alexandre after nine months of marriage

Love is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is why there is no ideal place to find it. Moreover, the show Love is in the meadow proves it a little more each season.

In 2020, Alexandre and Mathieu fell in love by participating in the program signed M6. Moreover, they are quickly since the darlings of the televiewers. “From next year, we are starting a surrogacy procedure (…) we want to show how happy it is to have a child” recently announced the two lovebirds at the microphone of France Blue. Married since last August, the couple knows however that happiness will not be eternal and is already preparing for the worst.

Unfortunately, the rest of their story could have a tragic end. Indeed, the farmer has a serious brain disease. During their appearance on the Jordan de Luxe program broadcast by Télé-Loisirs, the farmer gave more details as he said: “It’s a disease that no one wants to talk about, which is a vicious disease. It’s a cerebral arteriopathy, a degeneration of the brain so I’m going to end up in a bad state. I am soon 47 years old and the life expectancy is 62 years. It’s been 15 years. there is no treatment. I have a 100% chance of dying from it and I have a 30% chance of having a massive stroke right now. I live every day as if it were the last.”

Alexander added: “We know it’s there. For my part, I don’t let anything show through. But I know that there is a time when I’m going to have to change his diapers”.

As a result, Mathieu took a surprising and courageous decision at the same time since he would like to help her husband find his shoes. “He’s not about to remarry, that’s what he tells me anyway. I would like to find someone for him before I leave, to make sure he’s happy, that he don’t be alone” confided the husband of Alexander. In the meantime, the two lovers take advantage of every moment together as long as they can.


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