Love is in the meadow: “live or survive”, a farmer gives a violent rant

Love is in the meadow

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Credits: Instagram @ aude_adp_saison13

Love is in the meadow is apparently not all love! And yes, it is a bit cliché but it is well known: farmers do not have the tongue in their pocket. And today, it’s Aude, season 13, who is talking about her!

Small flashback until 2018, when the public discovered Aude, the breeder of dairy cows in Brittany. The young farmer participated in season 13 of one of the favorite shows of the French: Love is in the meadow. Melty had met him during an exclusive meeting! Today, if Aude is talking about her, it is to push a rant. A justified rant that she shared with her community on Instagram. In question: an article in which Laetitia, a farmer, claims to close shop for “Start to live”. It did not take more for Aude to explode her anger, but also her pain.

It’s no longer a secret, French farmers are doing badly. The last few years have been punctuated by sad twists and turns in the agricultural sector, and in particular numerous suicides. Moreover, Guillaume Canet had told the story of this desperate farmer in his film In the name of the earth. While some choose death, others choose life. Like Laetitia, who decided to “ start living “. Words that deeply trigger the anger of Aude who qualifies farmers as ” slaves of our world ». An expression supported by hashtags slaves and slavery.

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Love is in the meadow, Aude «continue or stop, live or survive? “

Too high a workload and too low income, it is this imbalance that poses a real problem in the life of French farmers. Aude confirms this again in a post from April 2021, explaining that she works from 5:20 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week.. And yes, in Love is in the meadow, it’s not all love under an air of James Blunt … The lives of farmers are clearly threatened by the system and that is scary. Especially when you know that Laetitia is closing a farm whose cheese was awarded. An advertisement which has something to discourage more than one farmer. Moreover, Aude does not fail to say it: what Laetitia feels is a feeling shared by many farmers. “This is what many, including me, feel!” Continue or stop, live or survive? “.

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