"Love is in the meadow" : in full portrait, Julien, dairy farmer and former pretender, gets up and leaves, unable to contain his emotions!

The 18th season of “Love is in the meadow” is fast approaching. For the occasion, M6 gradually reveals extracts from the portraits of the candidates. This Friday, January 20, 2023, the channel therefore shared that of Julien, a former suitor who “Try again this season with the hope of living a sincere love”. “Julien has already participated in “L’Amour est dans le pré” eight years ago, but as a suitor. He had indeed been invited to the Parisian speed dating by Guillaume, the first homosexual farmer registered on the show., explains Karine Le Marchand in voiceover. Unfortunately, Guillaume had made the decision to put an end to his adventure before filming on the farm… Julien had returned home empty-handed.

Far from abandoning his dream, the latter nevertheless met a man who allowed him to live the life of a farmer. But while they were both working in the field, his companion wanted to distance himself from the countryside. A shock for Julien who did not want to leave his environment. After a painful breakup, here he is back in the cast of the show. ” I was a pretender, it didn’t work out so in fact in my head, I said to myself: ‘Do the reverse route’ “, he confides in his portrait.

“I don’t trust myself”

It touches me because I’m scared of ending up on my own. I would just like someone who is interested in who I am, in fact, I would like people to be interested in me, for what I am, not for what I seem. I don’t trust myself because I think there’s a lot more beautiful than me, a lot more interesting than me. What I miss is being important to someone…” Confidences that prompted him to leave the interview, in tears. A sequence rich in emotions which already announces a moving season.


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