Love is in the meadow: Alessandra Sublet ready to replace Karine Le Marchand?

Love is in the pre 2021

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Credits: TF1

If Karine Le Marchand is the face of Love is in the meadow, Alessandra Sublet would not be against the idea of ​​representing the famous M6 show …

When we think of Karine Le Marchand, we first think of Stéphane Plaza, his sidekick, but not only. The star host of M6 is usually associated with Love is in the meadow. However, Karine Le Marchand was not the only one to host this program. It was not until 2010 that the pretty 53-year-old presenter took the reins of this popular show. Before her, the French had the pleasure of finding Alessandra Sublet for two seasons. And it is Véronique Mounier, who presented the very first season of Love is in the meadow, as well as the third on M6. Besides, Alessandra Sublet wouldn’t say no if we asked her to come back!

Alessandra Sublet presented ADP – Credit (s): M6

This Saturday, January 8, the mother of two was present on the set of TF1 in order to remember old emblematic programs in 2001-2021: 20 years of cult shows. “It’s the only show I could do again if I was asked “, admitted Alessandra Sublet during this documentary. It is a program that she is particularly fond of and she had been delighted to present season 4 of Love is in the meadow. “I happened to have seen the first season and found it extraordinary”, she explained, before concluding amused: “Some farmers I have known are still in a relationship. Better than me, which makes sense and this show is great.”

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“The only show I could do again”

If this is Alessandra Sublet’s wish, Karine Le Marchand is unlikely to leave her place. Present alongside the animators for more than ten years now, Alya’s mother has become a true friend as well as a confidante for all the participants. In addition, viewers are particularly fond of his humor, even if it can sometimes turn out to be clumsy. Over the years, Karine Le Marchand has become the flagship face of M6 and more and more projects are entrusted to him by the sixth channel.

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