“Love Is in the Air”: the crossover with “Erkenci Kuş” that only true fans discovered

In recent years, Turkish soap operas have become everyone’s favorite. Their stories, imposing landscapes and actors are the ingredients that have made these productions an international success. “Love Is in the Air”, the series that tells the love story of Eda (Hande Erçel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin), and “Erkenci Kus”, the fiction that follows Can and Sanem, are a good example of this.

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“Love Is in the Air”, originally released in 2020 and “Erkenci Kus”, broadcast in 2018, became a huge audience success. These Turkish soap operas tell passionate love stories that conquered audiences. But what few know is that there is a special connection between the story of Eda (Hande Erçel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin) and that of Can (Can Yaman) and Sanem (Demet Özdemir).

Do you remember that letter that Eda and Serkan found in a bottle while walking along the dock? Well, the author of those heartbreaking words is the protagonist of “Erkenci Kuş”, Sanem. This is a crossover that only true fans have been able to notice.

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Serkan and Eda find one of Sanem’s letters (Photo: MF Yapim)


“Love Is in the Air” has a special connection to “Erkenci Kus” that few have noticed. This curious crossing has its origin in 2019. At that time, the second season of ‘Erkenci Kuş’ began, where Can and Sanem have been separated for a year.

Can has gone to travel the world in his boat while Sanem went to the outskirts of Istanbul to start a new life. However, the writer was not able to forget the love of her life. That is why to get all his feelings he wrote letters that he threw into the sea.

These letters were put in the bottles of the pills that she must continue taking. This is how every day, Sanem wrote to his beloved and threw those letters into the sea.

The second season of "Love Is in the Air" came to an end on November 12 in Spain (Photo: MF Yapim)
The second season of “Love Is in the Air” came to an end on November 12 in Spain (Photo: MF Yapim)

The followers of ‘Erkenci Kuş’ wondered what Sanem wrote in those letters, but the content was never revealed in the series. Years later, the same screenwriter is in charge of giving life to Eda and Serkan and the fans did not hesitate to ask that, in some way, this story could be rescued and find out what those writings contained.

And so it happened, Ayşe Üner Kutlu listened to the followers of both stories and made it possible for Eda and Serkan to retrieve one of the letters. In an episode of “Love Is in the Air”, when Eda and Serkan were walking along the pier, they found a letter in a bottle.

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“For a long time I have been away from you. As much as I have tried, I have not forgotten you, I have not been able. How do you forget a love that all the cells of your body have felt? Over the years I have learned one thing, love is not like in fairy tales. Love hurts, love makes you suffer and drives you crazy, but if it comes back to you, you forget everything and try again. You wait again. Love is not a science, rather it is hope, please do not lose hope. And if this is a mistake, then we will shoe together. If we burn, it will be together. Stay with me. Be mine. Sanem ”, Serkan was the one who read these sad words, but both he and Eda felt that this letter was made for them.

Although Eda was disappointed in Serkan at the time, it is clear that the two are still in love and must keep fighting for their love. In this way, the two stories were connected.

The truth is that the story of Can and Sanem helped – in some way – for Eda and Serkan to rejoin their paths as those of the writer and the photographer did in the past.

Can Yaman y Demet Özdemir son los protagonistas de 'Erkenci Bird' (Photo: MF Production)
Can Yaman y Demet Özdemir son los protagonistas de ‘Erkenci Bird’ (Photo: MF Production)

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