Love comeback: "Second round" for Sarah Kern and Tobias!

So it sparked again between the two! Sarah Kern (53) and Tobias Pankow had been a couple for seven months. In 2020, the two announced their separation. Since then, the designer has had another failed relationship. Now the entrepreneur is said to have spontaneously contacted her again. Sarah now confirmed: She and Tobias are a couple again!

“Now we’re a couple again! Round two,” the designer announced Colorful. In addition, expressed Sarah about their separation at the time: “Actually, there was no real reason for separation at the time.” Three years ago she was simply not ready for Tobias’ “overwhelming love” and couldn’t handle it. “This time we want to do better. Tobi definitely has a better one Sarah by his side!”, The 53-year-old was confident about the love comeback.

“I’ve matured. Haven’t flirted with a man for two years, let alone started a new love, just focusing on myself”, betrayed Sarah also in the interview. Apparently she meant business when she started her story Instagram announced that she would swear off men if things didn’t work out with her ex Matthew. At least until Tobias got in touch again.

Instagram / sarahkern_official

Sarah Kern, designer
Sarah Kern at a fashion show in Berlin in January 2012

Instagram / sarahkern_official

Sarah Kern and Matthew

Did you expect the love comeback?

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