Love blossoms for Mette Blomsterberg: Naming the boyfriend

Mette Blomsterberg is madly in love.

She has found love again after her divorce. And his name is Jack.

She tells that Here&Now.

“My boyfriend’s name is Jack and he’s very nice. I’m head over heels in love. Jack and I get along really well and we enjoy each other,’ she says.

The 52-year-old confectioner announced last year in a post on Instagram that she and ex-husband Henrik were to divorce. The couple were married for 29 years and together have daughters Laura and Maja Blomsterberg.

Already at the beginning of November, the former back-to-back judge revealed that her love life was back on track.

Here, however, there was a little more mystery about Jack, as she did not want to go into more detail about who he was.

“He is delicious and he is sweet. And he is good to me. And for me,” said Mette Blomsterberg at the time See and listen.

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