Louis "star Academy" : sick, his dream escapes him?

Last October, TF1 recorded the new edition of Star Academy to the delight of viewers. Since then, many aficionados have followed the daily life of the new tenants of the Château de Dammarie-en-Lys. According to the words of the first winner of the show, they seem much more comfortable with the concept of the program compared to her and her former comrades.

“There are candidates who weren’t even born when I took part in the first Star Ac’, it’s a little weird! », affirmed Jenifer for Konbini. “Season 1 was in 2001 […] We were much more amateurs since there hadn’t been all these telecrochets, there was nothing yet. I wasn’t in this thing thinking, ‘How am I going to behave?’ To ask me questions”.

On the Web, many Internet users comment on the performance of the candidates. On November 12, 2022, Louis had the merit of making the buzz! During the prime, the main interested party gave everything! Being the “best student of the week”, he was lucky to have great performances. Singing a duet with Zazie fulfilled him on all levels. But being very critical of himself, the young man only focused on his small vocal imperfections. Especially when he sang in tribute to Grégory Lemarchal.

“I have no right to be sick now…”

“I was like, ‘You’re horrible. I cried all the tears in my body. I was really bad, I thought about that, I said to myself, it’s the dream of my life, this bonus, it was only songs that I loved where I was really going to be able to sing and do everything and suddenly, I put enormous pressure on myself”he confessed to Laure Balon during the Sunday debrief as indicated Tele-Leisure.

During live broadcasts, Louis struggles to deal with his stress. To make matters worse, his body also seems to be tired… According to the latest news, he’s not in top form. “I am never sick, I have no right to be sick now”, regretted Louis in a sequence of the daily. In any case, on social networks, his admirers were numerous to support him!


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