Louis Boyard files a complaint against Cyril Hanouna: the host replies directly on Twitter!

If the altercation dates from last November 10, no one has forgotten, quite the contrary. Last Thursday, Cyril Hanouna invited the deputy, and ex-columnist of TPMP, Louis Boyard, to discuss the arrival of the Ocean Viking, a boat on which many shipwrecked migrants were, at the port of Toulon in the hours that followed. The question was whether France was right to welcome them and why. However, the LFI deputy deviated from his subject when he mentioned the billionaires and in particular Vincent Bolloré, boss of the group to which the chain C8 belongs. Louis Boyard was indeed attacking this one by citing the cases in which he would be soaked and in particular deforestation in Africa.

A statement that did not pass and which put Cyril Hanouna in a huge anger. This one reproaching his guest to evoke a business which had nothing to do with the subject of the evening. Subsequently, he and Louis Boyard clashed violently, especially when the latter accused the host of infringing on freedom of expression and raising racism through his daily life. Too heavy accusations which pushed the troublemaker of the PAF to come out of its hinges and qualify the deputy as “fucker”, “shit”or “jester”.

Louis Boyard files a complaint, Cyril Hanouna “answers” him

Following this slippage, the host publicly apologized for the comments he had made a few days ago. Not enough for Louis Boyard who announced this Monday, November 14 that he was going to file a complaint against Cyril Hanouna on his Twitter account.

A few hours after this announcement, Baba reacted in his own way. The Twitter account of TPMP announced that the case would again be discussed on the day’s program with specialists. “Editorialists, communication specialists, deputies… This evening we are going to come back to the affair of the weekend: the sequence with Louis Boyard on Thursday in #TPMP!”said the account on the social network, specifying: “Decryption, unpublished images, revelations… Tonight @Cyrilhanouna will tell you everything from 6:40 p.m. on @C8TV!”. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to calm the situation.

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