Lost bullet 2: the secrets of the shooting revealed in an impressive making-of

Netflix offers to take a look behind the scenes of “Lost bullet 2”, by revealing a making-of which details how the most impressive sequences of Guillaume Pierret’s film were shot.

Lost ball 2“old-fashioned” action movie

Lost ball 2 is online at netflix since November 10, 2022 and has firmly established itself in 1st place in the Top 10 films in France. If we can be circumspect vis-à-vis a scenario that is unnecessarily complex and handicapped by a few weaknesses, his action makes everyone agree. We have never or too rarely seen such fights and chases in a French film, and it is a very satisfying show to discover. What makes it different, compared to a genre of action where we guess too much the use of digital effects, is that Guillaume Pierret and his teams wanted to shoot as many sequences as possible “in real “.

Shooting Lost Bullet 2 ©Netflix

With Alban Lenoir, a very physical actor, with David Julienne, son of the legendary Rémy Julienne and specialist in car stunts, or even Emmanuel Lanzi in the fight choreography, Lost Ball 2 offers the best of French cinema today when it comes to directing action. And to realize this, Netflix has unveiled an impressive making-of which reveal quite a few secrets of the making of the film (video at the top of the article).

A foam fire extinguisher and blows that hurt

We can see from Alban Lenoir’s smile and enthusiasm that he is in his element. Actor but also stuntman – notably for Taken and the series braquo -, he is currently the most gifted French actor when it comes to filming fights. On the ideas of Guillaume Pierret and on the proposals of the choreographer Emmanuel Lanzi, we see him giving himself to 100% to shoot the famous escape sequence from the police station.

Alban Lenoir - shooting Lost Ball 2
Alban Lenoir – filming Lost Bullet 2 ©Netflix

As the director explains, Alban Lenoir does 99.9% of his combat sequences himself, at the risk of, as the actor points out, sometimes take blows and give some too.

Tip revealed by this video: when Lino grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it to hit his opponents, it is actually a foam accessoryso that the blow can be really struck, but without wounding.

flying cars

The concept is simple, but the realization is much less so. The R21’s electrified harpoon system in Lost ball 2 is able to send enemy cars very high, and very far. To achieve this “satellization” of vehicles, “guns” are installed in the cars. These help propel the car through the air (from 8’50 in the video). Very impressive to discover in the image, the effect is in reality very dangerous. So for the first car that Lino “vacuums” and loops through the air, there was a stuntman at the wheel !

Shooting Lost Ball 2
Shooting Lost Bullet 2 ©Netflix

Techniques that give impressive results but also unpredictable. Which ultimately corresponds well to Guillaume Pierret’s desire for his action saga:

It’s going too high, it’s going too far. But me, I’m fine. So. That’s what I’m looking for.

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