"loser": Matthias Reim cancels tour due to burnout

Matthias Reim (64) burned out. The singer is known in the German Schlager scene like a sore thumb. Since 1990 he has produced a new studio album regularly – at least every three years – and has received numerous awards for it. At the beginning of this year he had his first child together with his wife Christin Stark. Was it all too much for him then? In the middle of the year he had to cancel his tour because of a burnout.

Matthew wanted to get off to a flying start after the Corona break and finally be back on stage. In the middle of the year, however, he had to cancel all concerts for September and October – he had caught a cold over the summer. “I felt like a loser”he confessed picturenewspaper in an interview. His wife remembered the day the 64-year-old couldn’t continue: “I’ve never seen him like that before.” It was a long healing process, revealed Matthew and continued: “It then took two months until I was healthy again and could give concerts.”

In the meantime, the singer is doing well again and can continue his tour. The next concerts are already scheduled for December. “I feel like living again! Damn it, it goes on!”he rejoiced.

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Matthias Reim, pop singer 2022
Matthias Reim in July 2022 in Gelsenkirchen
Matthias Reim on “My Star of the Year”, February 2012

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