Lose weight the right way? Here are the diets and behaviors to avoid. Pigozzi: “Salad? If consumed as an appetizer, ok … “

Time to weight loss diets to beat the race against time in view of costume rehearsals or for the desire to wear shorter clothes… What to do to reach the desired goal of a healthy weight? Excluding all do-it-yourself diets, it is essential to rely on nutrition experts. We then asked the doctor Paolo Pigozzinutritionist and author of numerous essays on nutrition and natural cures, which myths to dispel about diets and which are the most effective advice to observe for the challenge of the balance.

Do you have to give up carbohydrates to lose weight?
“If we start from the true assumption that overweight and obesity are chronic diseases, we need to pay attention to what the WCRF (World Fund for Cancer Research) about the good nutritional strategies to prevent all chronic and degenerative diseases: “Eat whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables every day”. All these foods contain carbohydrates, mainly of the complex type, which they don’t raise your blood sugar too much after the meal. A key issue in not turning food into excessive weight. Naturally, we must not lose sight of reasonable quantities, especially chewing calmly and for a long time each bite. Completely giving up carbohydrates (i.e. pasta, bread), albeit temporarily, is not only a measure that produces absolutely transitory results, but if prolonged over time, it also constitutes an unnecessary metabolic burden for the liver and kidneys“.

Better oil, margarine or butter?
“Margarines are generally foods of dubious quality. Better extra virgin olive oil or butter, but only of excellent quality. That does not get along, it is good to say it clearly, with special offers, below cost, 3 × 2, and whatever else the sales strategies put in place. Even in the case of quality condiments, it should not be forgotten that these are the foods richest in calories. Also here, the advice is ‘moderation’“.

An often used shortcut: ice cream instead of lunch or dinner.
“A choice that I do not agree with, even if I can understand that a fresh and ready-made food, under the heat wave, is inviting and can prevent us from lighting the fire. Aside from the fact that fresh fruit is refreshing, satiating, hydrating and even good, ice creams are foods to be consumed in moderation if we want to lose weight because they contain an abundance of fat and sugar ”.

Salad to lose weight, but how to compose it?
“The salad made up of different types of vegetables makes you lose weight especially if consumed as an appetizer: hydrates, increases satiety, contains few calories, provides many protective and metabolically active substances. If it turns into “Big salad”(That is, if cheeses, tuna, salami, pickles, etc. are added) it turns into a calorie bomb. Better a plate of pasta with tomato sauce! “

One last piece of advice?
“I remember that weight loss requires not only an adequate diet, but also regular physical activity, albeit modest (10-20 minutes of brisk walking per day), and a sufficient night’s rest (at least 6-7 hours). And it has proved its usefulness too the habit of having dinner not too late“.

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